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a 30 y/o drunk man came up to me in a nightclub the other night and said “the economy might be shit but at least we have niall horan” 

i’m having trouble believing this

i live in ireland the only thing irish men love more than themselves is niall horan 

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artwork by Walid Elsawi

A dozen statements, taken from the artist’s ongoing interview project are written on glowing neon boxes, peppered around the space. The interview consists of responses he gives to the question “are you an artist?” a means of exploring the current climate of contemporary art, and the cult of personality, with a tongue-in-cheek emphasis on certain stereotypes, perceived pre-requisites or trends. (via massalexandria)

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God liked Saturn so he put a ring on it. :) haha only Christian astronauts will get this one!

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Gareth Halliday - Choppy #2, 2014      Digital Collages

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Black & Bloom by Paulette Tavormina

Kiss me, lover. One darling kiss.

Zelda to Scott, 1919 (via fitzgeraldquotes)




thanks joffrey

What a great message. I wish all characters were this nice. Does anyone know what this is from?

everyone feeling down should see this show it really lifts your spirit 

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